2. Progress to maxing out my 401(k)

For 2020, I decided to track 4 things to meet my overall financial goals for the year.

  1. How I spent my paycheck
  2. Progress to maxing out my 401(k)
  3. Pre-Tax Savings Rate
  4. No Spend Days for the month (using my FREE daily tracker, and my Monthly tracker)

As a single mom, the focus on growing my income by learning new skills, while reducing spending, is as important as ever. I’ve always been a saver but by tracking my spending habits I’ve been able to pin point a few areas of excess spend (eating and drinking out, shopping) that can be trimmed. Areas I don’t trim are reading and learning (current fave here).

This post will be for 2. Progress to Maxing out my 401(k)

NOTE : LIMIT IS $19,500 (error)
IG page here : https://www.instagram.com/p/B8SZiH5nCsj/

I increased my 401(k) rate to front load the contributions.

As they say, Time IN the market is better than TimING the market.