4.No Spend Days for the Month

For 2020, I decided to track 4 things to meet my overall financial goals for the year.

  1. How I spent my paycheck
  2. Progress to maxing out my 401(k)
  3. Pre-Tax Savings Rate
  4. No Spend Days for the month (using my FREE daily tracker, and my Monthly tracker)

This page is on the No Spend Days for JANUARY


January was great for meal prep and it helped my no spend goals greatly. I like tracking it daily to stay focused.

I learned that small habits add up! I don’t always  meet my no spend total days but I like this challenge because it keeps me accountable and aware of how I spend.

I’m not aiming for perfection.. just more awareness!

 2020 template package available for $3 here

Next up :  March No Spend