How To Make Extra Cash by Decluttering the House

Side Hustle

If you’re looking for extra cash without having to leave the house, this side hustle is for you.

During quarantine I picked up several hobbies, one of which was looking for easy side hustles to bring in extra cash. If you’re like me, you may have decluttered a few rooms during quarantine. Once it was safe to be outdoors again I decided to list some of my lightly used items on Facebook Marketplace to find a new owner and make some extra cash. That’s it, that’s the side hustle.

An easy side hustle you can start today by Everyday Finance Gal

In 2020, I earned $560 selling items online. Below,  I will share:

  1. The platforms I listed them on (FB Marketplace, Mercari and OfferUP) and which are better for certain items,
  2. which of these worked well for me, and
  3. break down how much each item was sold for, and how one item made $84 after I sold it!
  4. How I track my side hustles.

What sells best second hand varies from city to city and state to state. In California, I’ve found electronics, lightly used furniture, luxury clothing and brands, children’s booked and lightly used clothing sell well. Oh, and exercise equipment and bikes, thank you 2020!

I’ve also learned that certain platforms are better for certain items. For example, FB Marketplace and OfferUp tend to be for local pickup or delivery. You’ll find a lot of people selling items when they are moving so that is why furniture does really well. Electronics do well if you know what you are looking for.

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For luxury clothing, I find Mercari is a great platform.

So which of these worked well for me? Well, I sold on FB Marketplace the most. I had furniture listed in the morning and a Venmo deposit was submitted that afternoon to hold the item! Everything was done as a porch pick up. I had one sale on Mercari which was a pain because I had to box it and ship it, and no traction on OfferUP.

Item Summary, 2020 Reselling

An Easy Side Hustle you can Actually Start TODAY for Extra Cash by Everyday Finance Gal

The biggest lesson I learned was to not get so caught up in how much you originally purchased the item, but focus on what comparables are in the marketplace today and price it to sell. Remember, you need the extra cash and these aren’t items you use anymore.

I like to track all my side hustles in a progress tracker like the one below. These sales represented about 6% of my annual goal of $10k in side hustles!

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An Easy Side Hustle you can Actually Start TODAY for Extra Cash

The Best thing I did with the earnings was invest it. I took $310 of the furniture earnings and I bought two shares of a total stock market ETF (Exchanged Traded Funds). I purchased that on 06/24/2020. I just checked today, 01/19/2021, and that investment has grown by $84!

I like to earn money with flips and invest it so the money continues to work for me without me putting in more work!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! Please visit my Instagram page to stay connected with me real-time

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