3 Easy Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

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There were two legit ways that I earned over $400 in Amazon gift cards in 2021 . In this article I will share both ways, and also introduce a third one that I am exploring.

Finding an easy side hustle that doesn’t require too much time and pays in Amazon gift cards was a love language for me during the start of the pandemic. 

As a single mom, I am resourceful to find every opportunity to earn extra cash from programs and apps I already use. Let’s get started!

This post may contain some affiliate links. This means that I may make a commission if you purchase via some of these links (at no extra cost to you!).

1. Personal Capital – $20 Amazon gift card at sign up and with every referral

My favorite way to track my net worth since 2019 is by using Personal Capital. It is an app that links all the things you own, or your assets (bank accounts, investment accounts, etc) and the things you owe, or your liabilities (credit cards, student loans, mortgage, car loan etc) to let you know your net worth. ( Related: If you want more details on what net worth is, “How to Calculate Your Net Worth “article.)

The goal of Personal Capital is to get new clients on their free App so Personal Capital advisors can manage their investments. All you have to do is link an investment account, like your 401(k), a Roth IRA, or brokerage account, greater than $1,000 within the first 30 days and they incentivize you with $20 Amazon gift card the morning after (it’s super quick and comes at 6am no fail! The best Congrats! email first thing in the morning). I’ve made 20+ referrals and this works!

I personally do not use their advisory service, but use the free app and refer the app to all my friends. We each get $20 Amazon gift card for linking the investment account. So there you go, open one with my referral code and get $20 Amazon gift card, and then receive your own affiliate code to refer to your own friends! 

email showing the notification of when i earn Amazon gift cards

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2. Fetch – scan receipts and redeem for gift cards like Amazon

You shop for groceries, right? You have a quick Target or CVS run, right?

Why not scan the receipt and earn points that can translate to an Amazon gift card. It’s that easy.

fetch rewards company logo where i earn Amazon gift cards

I like Fetch because I don’t have to do anything differently than I am doing already as far as shopping in concerned. I just need to save the receipt and scan it. They certainly have product promotions where you can earn 3,000 points for a scan, but typically each receipt is between 25-100 points.

Here is my Amazon gift card history – I have 4,673 points and waiting to get a bit more before I redeem it.

So far I’ve earned almost $100 in Amazon gift cards (it’s about a dollar for dollar conversion).

how much i made on fetch

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3. Crowdtap – earn $5 Amazon gift card per 1,000 points

I just signed up for Crowdtap but it seems easy enough. Depending on how much time you have, you’ll need fill out a bunch of surveys and they will translate into Amazon gift cards. Check it out!

Sign on for Crowdtap where i earn Amazon gift cards

In Summary, there are definitely legit ways to earn Amazon Gift cards – my favorite two are Personal Capital and Fetch. Let me know if you’ve tried Crowdtap, or recommend others!

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