21 Frugal Tips to Save on Groceries

As a single mom, I am always looking for frugal w ays to save on groceries. The average cost families spend on groceries in 2020 was $4,942 or $411 a month according to US Beurea of Labor Services.   As a single mom with one child, I spend around $300 a month, likely because I live in high cost of living city, Los Angeles.

Recently, I asked my Everyday Finance Gal Instagram community to share some frugal grocery tips, and they did not disappoint!  In this article, I’ll share 21 frugal ways to save on groceries and will split up the tips between things you can do before you go to the grocery store, as well as frugal tips while you’re there shopping.

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Being frugal before you go to the grocery store

1.Order online so you only buy what you need.

2. Plan out what you’ll eat for the week, in meals

3. Consider eating a vegetarian diet

4. Add all ingredients to the list

5. Check your fridge before you go. Take a pic!

6. Check your pantry before you go. Take a pic!

7. Make and TAKE a list

8. Don’t shop hungry

9. Set a dollar amount for your grocery budget and make substitutions when necessary.

Frugal tips while you’re at the grocery store

10. Scan receipts into an app for rewards.

My favorite is Fetch. I’ve earning over $150 in Amazon gift cards by simply scanning a photo of my recent grocery or shopping receipt. Try it for yourself today and get 2,000 points on your first scan (approx $2).!

11. Shop the weekly ads

12. Use Coupons

13. Buy generic / store brands

14. Find cheaper stores like Aldi, 99c store.

15. Don’t buy too much 😊

16. Buy whole foods

17. Focus on plant based whole foods (peasant foods) try to buy foods without an ingredient list.

18. Do not pay for bottled/canned liquids (juice, water etc). Drink filtered tap water, iced tea, coffee instead.

19. Buy a rotisserie chicken for easy fresh and leftover meals

20. Mix in Frozen produce

21. Buy fruits & veggies on sale that week. Meal plan around sale items.

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