Instagram Statistics From The Week I Reached 10k Followers

Instagram Statistics From The Week I Reached 10k Followers

I created Everyday Finance Gal on Instagram on August 20, 2019 to promote financial literacy. I decided to show that I also practice what I share by documenting my wealth journey. Showing candid numbers has been important to highlight that building wealth is possible for all, despite coming from an immigrant family with no generational wealth as a foundation.

Today, April 30 (8 months +10ish days later), I reached the 10k Instagram (r) follower milestone!


I’ve never bought any followers. The growth has all come from organic growth. such as collaborations from the Debt Free Community members . I create the posts from scratch on Canva about topics that have been relevant for me and my wealth & financial literacy journey (with some dad jokes and memes along the way!).

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I try not to dwell on the Instagram follower count, but moreso the value I bring to the follower. Some of the posts that get the most engagement come at a surprise to me. Continue reading for are some statistics from the page this week, including (1) Instagram post with the most engagement, as well as (#2-7) 6 fun collaborations and passive income items I’ve launched into since account opening:

  1. My most viewed Instagram post was posted in November 2019. It is far and away still the most impressions any post has gotten. 
I think this post did well because it is so relatable. November and December are heavy shopping months and I had committed to do a No Spend Challenge. The picture is so adorable and the message was timely, funny and relatable. All important components to a great post on Instagram!
Instagram Statistics From The Week I Reached 10k Followers

2. The Instagram page had 174k impressions this week. 

There were two days that had over 30k in impressions when my page was shared by the community. I’m not sure how other pages compare, but this seems pretty incredible to have 3x more impressions daily than the number of followers!


More Instagram page statistics : 76% are age 25-44. About 87% are women and over 27% follow the account from outside the United States, which is awesome!


3. Meetups

I’ve had In Real Life and virtual “meetups” with @taysjourney @hearmefinance, @funancialism @pomlifeandfinances, @frugalslp @investingwithkim . Here is the Hollywood sign hike some of us went to on our meetup:
Hollywood sign hike – so challenging!! Posted in Instagram

4. Webinar Collaborations

I collaborated on a Zoom webinar with Shang from Save my Cents On the webinar, I share actionable tips I use to manage my relationship with my boss. The webinar had 300 registrations! Here is the webinar replay.


5.Post Collaborations

 I collaborated with Tay @taysjourney3  to break down basic investing in simplified terms, so it is not intimidating using #howtoreadinvestingET
One of many posts on Instagram Tay and I worked on together.

6. Created Digital Products 

 100+ people have downloaded Trackers to monitor their daily spending and draw conclusions of their spend with a monthly spending tracker



Sample of the monthly no spend tracker from Instagram

7.  Career Coaching

Through this page, I have also helped 5 women with career coaching and countless many others on personal finance questions in the DMsIf you’d like to check if if I would be the best career coach for you, fill this discovery sheet out for a 30 min call