March 2020 No Spend Check-in

I am still tracking no spend, despite COVID-19 helping out the spending and shopping categories. 

Since I started tracking my no spend goals, my main focus has been on reducing how much I eat out and how much I spend on shopping. Working in an office setting, fancy coffee breaks, lunch outtings and happy hours are the norm. Tracking these daily has helped me be intentional of where my money is going! (See January here). 

I started working from home on March 13 and immediately, eating out and shopping were no longer as relevant.  Here’s how i did on my no spend challenge in March:

GOAL 1: 15 No Spend days

ACTUAL 1: 22 No spend days

GOAL 2:  $500 Maximum for both eating out and shopping

ACTUAL 2: $150 eating out and $300 shopping. However if i add the $250 in groceries, I go a bit higher.

For April I’ll track all expenses with the exception of mortgage, utilities and car.

Remember, track what’s relevant for YOUR personal spending habits. These can change over time, so be flexible use tracking tools to make it fun and easy! See my 2020 calendars to start your own tracking!